Wednesday, 27 October 2010

The Elusive Denby

Did you know that you can enjoy your Wonderland soup from a dedicated Wonderland soup bowl?

The Denby Pottery Company manufactured 'Denby Wonderland' from 1976 to 1977 and we would certainly like to see it gracing our table come tea time. However, we can only assume that this service was not one of Denby's greatest hits as locating items from it is something of a challenge and, for the most part, it appears to be available only in the USA. There is but a small selection of china replacement websites offering an even smaller selection of pieces, but we would love to get our hands on this whimsical floral tableware.

Fragments of the service are currently available at Tabletops Etc, Chinasearch, Denby Replacement Service Ltd, Dinnerware Replacements, Replacements Ltd, and Ebay (of course.)


  1. hi - i just purchased a set of 16 place settings and two sets of creamer, sugar, oval platters and large servings bowls at an estate sale for sixty dollars. wow. i am blown away by finding out what this stuff sells for.

  2. Hello... i'm not anonymous... but I couldn't get the other comment to register.... I have nearly a whole set of Wonderland... I bought it while I worked at a store for my hope chest.... demis, platters, covered bowls...and the green denby crystal to match... any interested parties can contact me at it is time for it to find a home where it will be loved.... only used three times if that many... it makes a lovely table.

  3. I just got a sugar bowl of this type that I will sell