Sunday, 24 October 2010

Welcome to Wonderland

Ever wish you lived in Wonderland? Want to take tea with a hatter or play croquet with a queen*? Well Wonderland Soup shares your dreams and aims to set about making them a reality. Although, faced with a distressing lack of rabbit holes and magic mirrors, we have decided that we must encourage Wonderland to come to us.

First of all, we require a key...

You can acquire this brilliantly Wonderlandish heart-shaped key pendant at the Great Jewelry Company and take the first steps to entering the realm of Wonderland.

Potential alternatives include this fabulously regal sterling silver pendant charm available at StudioEdge, or this adorable and affordable little gold plated pendant from E-Beads.

Now we are equipped with our key, perhaps we can gain access to that dream realm and our adventures can begin...

*Or maybe just wham one with a mallet? 

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