Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Pink And Sweet And Girly

It's cupcake heaven over at Ditsy Daisies, an online store for folk with a sweet tooth when it comes to getting goodies for their home.

They have a delectable looking range of fragranced hand creams which will aid any endeavour to make a dressing table resemble a cake shop...

...and these delicious looking cupcake lipglosses.

They also have these yummy trinket boxes in a selection of 'flavours' (We fancy the chocolate.)

They even have cupcake cushions, featuring either great big, or teeny little cakes.

There are also kitchen items available. We love this insane cupcake teapot and think it would feel quite at home at any mad tea party.

You could seat your tea party guests with these card holders and serve them from the range of china cake stands (or, forget to send the invites and nosh all the goodies yourself.)

If you like to bake your own cakes then the oven gloves would come in handy, and a tea tray is always handy, don't you find? (We like a tea tray in the sky.)

Lastly, we're rather taken with these salt and pepper shakers. (We seem to keep encountering salt and pepper shakers - at some point we may do a review of the archive...)

Sunday, 28 November 2010

More Mushroom Madness

While looking for items for yesterday's mushroom themed post, we found an amazing outfit which we can't resist sharing with you.

This mushroom print silk dress is made by TBA and available from ASOS and makes the wearer look as though they are donning a fairy tale.

They also have a matching skirt and jacket made in the same fabric.

We can imagine the ASOS items teamed up with the magical little mushroom vial necklace and the decoupaged wooden box purse.

Of course, mushroom is also a colour so, while you're visiting ASOS, you might like to pick up this nail polish set in mushroom and grey.

We enjoy the visual pun of teaming the literal mushroom items with a selection of mushroom coloured items which we found at Topshop.

And there must also be art.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Make Room For The Mushrooms

"There was a large mushroom growing near her, about the same height as herself; and when she had looked under it, and on both sides of it, and behind it, it occurred to her that she might as well look and see what was on the top of it."

The mushroom is an image which is very strongly associated with Alice in Wonderland, so ought to make an appearance in a Wonderland themed house.

Mushroom wall stickers are available from Not on the High Street in a range of colours. And you can get little dinky ones from Etsy.

This amazing Mushroom Soup Wallpaper and matching cushion are at Made in Design.

And these fabulous mushroom ornaments are from Urban Outfitters, where they also have some lovely cupcake ornaments.

We love our grub at Wonderland House, so our favourite thing about mushrooms is that you can actually eat them. As such, we recommend spoiling yourself with some dried porcini or chanterelles from Harrods.

Or, why not try growing some? These oak logs come "inoculated with mushroom mycelia" and if kept in a dark damp spot should sprout gourmet mushrooms.

Of course, if you don't actually like mushrooms you might prefer these realistic looking chocolate versions which come cunningly disguised in a punnet to throw greedy friends and family off the scent of your chocolate stash.

nom nom nom

Friday, 26 November 2010

Strawberry Fool

We've found some delicious looking goodies at a lovely online store, Strawberry Fool.

These pretty little trinket boxes would be perfect on your dressing table. 

And, in time for an Alice themed Christmas, these knitted cake decorations will lend your tree a little whimsy.

 Continuing the cupcake theme, we think these teacup baking cups are marvellous!

The House Lantern is very pretty and gives that out-of-scale feeling which we enjoy so much.

They also stock the giant teacup planters which we have mentioned before but, as well as the spotted option, they offer a blue and white Alicesque stripe.

The mix and match cutlery would be ideal for a mix and match tea party, but we feel that the piece de resistance has to be the King and Queen Salt and Pepper Mills. A fabulous pepper grinder is a must have in a Pig and Pepper kitchen, and the fact that they are shaped like chess pieces makes them just too Through the Looking Glass to resist!