Friday, 19 November 2010

Original Things

Today we've been amusing ourselves by browsing round the charming All Things Original, which features the work of dozens of designers and artisans, many of whom are offering goods which would be quite at home in a Wonderland house.

   Clickety Click is a print from Cassia Beck's Through the Viewfinder series of photographs. We're sure we don't need to tell you why we would like it to grace our walls.

These delectable hand sewn cakes and biscuits are made by the appropriately named British Cream Tea and would look marvellous displayed on a tiered cake stand. Click through for the French Fancies, Iced Gems, a Jam Tart fit for the Queen of Hearts, Bourbon Biscuit and the Raspberry Jam Scone. They also make an adorable Butterfly Cake and a delicious looking Vanilla Slice and, to launch the festive season celebrations, a Christmas Pudding.

We think the Red and White Queens would be delighted to have these Crowning Glory cushions adorning their respective thrones (and we wouldn't mind them on the sofa.) The green would compliment the surprising number of green cushions we seem to be acquiring in Wonderland House and the pink would make a spectacular contrast.

You can fancify yourself in a veritable Garden of Live flowers with these pretty pieces of jewellery made by Gossimarwings. Try a Pansy Wooden Necklace, Wooden Flower Earrings or a Wooden Flower Ring for that (horti)cultured look.

 Or if you see yourself as more of a Queen of Hearts type, then this pendant and ring (which the designers say contain 'real roses') may be for you.

If you think Her Majesty would benefit from being a little dafter, try the Goofy Heart Tshirt or the matching brooch.

The Teapot Sweetheart Necklace is satisfactorily Wonderlandish, as are the other tea themed items at All things Original.

These winsome pin badges articulate our feelings about tea and cake with admirable eloquence and brevity. 

And the question posed in another charming print by Cassia Beck, Tea or Coffee? should have an obvious answer...

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