Monday, 8 November 2010

Shift Work

When we saw this abstract heart shift dress at New Look we immediately thought, "Alice!" and knew we had to share it with you.

It puts us in mind of both the gardeners' and the White Rabbit's tunics, but is far enough removed from them not to look costumey.

And it allows us to take two different directions with accessories.

This hooded scarf looks warm and cosy and very like the hoods worn by the gardeners.

While this cowl achieves a similar effect but looks just that bit more glamorous. (Well, it does on her anyway.)

Worn with this red rose ring, the outfit would be complete. And the ring will add an Alice touch to whatever you're wearing.

Then for the White Rabbit Herald, this ruff is utterly spectacular. Theatrical enough to make an impact, yet scarf-like enough to actually wear, we love this. And its ribbon which reads, "I heard you call my name, in a dream," gives the piece extra Alice points.

Even more scarf-like this cosy looking ruff is much more understated and wearable, and still lots of fun.

Finish off the look with this stylish vintage bugle brooch, and you're ready to go heralding.


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