Saturday, 27 November 2010

Make Room For The Mushrooms

"There was a large mushroom growing near her, about the same height as herself; and when she had looked under it, and on both sides of it, and behind it, it occurred to her that she might as well look and see what was on the top of it."

The mushroom is an image which is very strongly associated with Alice in Wonderland, so ought to make an appearance in a Wonderland themed house.

Mushroom wall stickers are available from Not on the High Street in a range of colours. And you can get little dinky ones from Etsy.

This amazing Mushroom Soup Wallpaper and matching cushion are at Made in Design.

And these fabulous mushroom ornaments are from Urban Outfitters, where they also have some lovely cupcake ornaments.

We love our grub at Wonderland House, so our favourite thing about mushrooms is that you can actually eat them. As such, we recommend spoiling yourself with some dried porcini or chanterelles from Harrods.

Or, why not try growing some? These oak logs come "inoculated with mushroom mycelia" and if kept in a dark damp spot should sprout gourmet mushrooms.

Of course, if you don't actually like mushrooms you might prefer these realistic looking chocolate versions which come cunningly disguised in a punnet to throw greedy friends and family off the scent of your chocolate stash.

nom nom nom

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