Monday, 1 November 2010

White Rabbits!

There is a superstition which says that if the first words you utter on the first day of the month are "white rabbits" then you will have good luck for the whole of the month. So, in an attempt to attract some good fortune, we have accumulated a selection of white rabbits for your approval.

This white rabbit lamp is delightful and an elegant way to bring a little extra light into a room.

We absolutely love this colourful faux suede cushion, designed by Catalina Estrada. With its realistic bird, flower and rabbit elements, the kaleidoscopic treatment of the design makes it gratifyingly abstract.

Also elegant, and imbued with a touch of humour, we think this animal vase would make a stylish addition to your home.

This rabbit dish is very tempting, particularly when filled with sweets, and would look good placed next to the vase or lamp.

Now, bear with us on this one. We think that this little rabbit hutch would make a very quirky hall stand. You could use it to display your Wonderlandian treasures or simply to store your gloves and scarves. It would be a great surreal touch in your home and would let your guests know that they may have just stumbled into somewhere extraordinary...

A little more sensible (and a lot more discrete) the running rabbit wall clock would also give your entrance hall a Wonderlandish air, while simultaneously having a very homely feel.

Another item suitable for your hallway is this rabbit mirror. (It would look terrific hanging above your rabbit hutch hall stand.)

And we simply could not resist sharing this spectacular White Rabbit doll with you.

Exquisitely made and detailed, this R. John Wright doll is one of a limited edition of 500. We adore it and are very impressed by how closely it follows not only Tenniel's original illustrations, but his original coloured version of this picture, made for Lewis Carroll's Nursery Alice - a version of the book made for the under-fives. Here's how Carroll describes the White Rabbit in that book:

"Hasn’t it got pretty pink eyes (I think all White Rabbits have pink eyes);  and pink ears;  and a nice brown coat;  and you can just see its red pocket-handkerchief peeping out of its coat pocket:  and,  what with its blue neck-tie and its yellow waistcoat,  it really is very nicely dressed."

Wonderful. And if we had the $1,100 it costs, it would be very hard to resist.

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