Thursday, 11 November 2010

But Is It (Hidden) Art II

We hope you liked yesterday's post featuring the wonderful wares of The Hidden Art Shop, because we have a few more to share with you.

The Wooster top hat pendant light is brilliant and will look perfect in the entrance hall to Wonderland House. There is also a bowler hat version which goes by the name of Jeeves (of course.)

The Queen of Hearts Crown is an acrylic, laser cut, self-assembly ring which we think would make a very jolly Christmas favour.

This pretty little ornament, White Rabbit is handmade slip-cast porcelain designed by Shan Annabelle Valla.

Made by the same people as the Blaue Blume range which we showed you yesterday, this sweet little stand depicts Lovesick Bunnies.

We've included Sunlight Through Leaves because with think it would compliment the cushions featured in our posts White Rabbits! and A Heap of Sticks and Leaves, and because the image makes us think that a sight such as this must have been what Alice saw when she first opened her eyes after her dream.

We all know that the Queen of Hearts likes her garden to look good, and we can't help but think that she would appreciate these Deco Bloomers Hearts. Described as 'scatter hearts' they are handmade from recycled paper which is cleverly seeded with fern and flower seeds which are released when the paper breaks down.

The Stuck On You Saucepan is a 'pre-thrown' kitchen utensil, designed to be used as a hook. Ideal to give your kitchen that Pig and Pepper look.

And the piece which sent us down this particular rabbit hole. We first saw the Wonderland Cutlery on holycool and thought it was quite magnificent. As though the silhouette and intricate ornamentation weren't enough, each handle holds a magnifying glass, in case you discover something on your plate which bears closer examination.

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