Sunday, 21 November 2010

There Goes Bill!

Poor old Bill the Lizard has a tough time in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Not only is he propelled out of the White Rabbit's chimney, but he also has his pencil stolen, gets ink thrown at him and is stuffed, upside down into a jury box. All of which makes him one of the most endearing, sympathetic minor characters in the book. So, to show our support for the hapless Bill, we've put together an outfit in his honour.

Bill the Lizard as depicted by Tenniel and Disney

Our Bill would certainly wear a hat so we're starting our lizardly ensemble with a classic herringbone flat cap from Charles Tyrwhitt, a cheeky wool blend cap from Esprit and a ribbed trim flat cap from Ted Baker.

We love the outrageous style of the ultra-reptilian Snake Skin Blazer from River Island, but also appreciate the more subtle qualities of Esprit's Blazer with Snake Skin Lining.

New Look has a Snake Skin Tunic Dress and, for what might be the most rock n' roll twin set ever, there's even a matching cardigan.

Emulate Disney's Bill with a green (mock?) turtleneck from GAP or Uniqlo.

Get Snake Skin Leggings from La Redoute or ASOS.

These fantastic Snake Effect Wedges come from River Island and the Leather Snakeskin Shoe Boots are from Topshop.

For some fabulous accessories, have a look at the Here Be Monsters Scaly Pinback Buttons, or this amazing Bronze Chameleon Skull Pendant/Ring which looks as though it's eating your finger. The Articulated Lizard Skull Pendant is also marvellous and the Green Lizard Cthulu Eye Ring is just incredible.

And of course, there must also be art, so Wonderland Soup recommends Cavalier by Beaumont Studio.

*No lizards were harmed during the making of this post*


  1. Just found your blog through a comment you left me on my blog

    I'm so happy you left a comment so that I could find your blog! I have been an Alice in Wonderland fanatic since I was a kid. I'm currently working on an Alice in Wonderland inspired nursery for my daughter who is due at the end of December. I was only able to recently start on it, so I'm very excited>

  2. Thanks for your comment and thank you for visiting :) (I've had a look at the prgress of your nursery on your blog and it looks superb!)