Friday, 26 November 2010

Strawberry Fool

We've found some delicious looking goodies at a lovely online store, Strawberry Fool.

These pretty little trinket boxes would be perfect on your dressing table. 

And, in time for an Alice themed Christmas, these knitted cake decorations will lend your tree a little whimsy.

 Continuing the cupcake theme, we think these teacup baking cups are marvellous!

The House Lantern is very pretty and gives that out-of-scale feeling which we enjoy so much.

They also stock the giant teacup planters which we have mentioned before but, as well as the spotted option, they offer a blue and white Alicesque stripe.

The mix and match cutlery would be ideal for a mix and match tea party, but we feel that the piece de resistance has to be the King and Queen Salt and Pepper Mills. A fabulous pepper grinder is a must have in a Pig and Pepper kitchen, and the fact that they are shaped like chess pieces makes them just too Through the Looking Glass to resist!


  1. If the cupcakes were real - they'll be good enough to eat!

  2. om nom nom crack crunch crunch crunch...