Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Pink And Sweet And Girly

It's cupcake heaven over at Ditsy Daisies, an online store for folk with a sweet tooth when it comes to getting goodies for their home.

They have a delectable looking range of fragranced hand creams which will aid any endeavour to make a dressing table resemble a cake shop...

...and these delicious looking cupcake lipglosses.

They also have these yummy trinket boxes in a selection of 'flavours' (We fancy the chocolate.)

They even have cupcake cushions, featuring either great big, or teeny little cakes.

There are also kitchen items available. We love this insane cupcake teapot and think it would feel quite at home at any mad tea party.

You could seat your tea party guests with these card holders and serve them from the range of china cake stands (or, forget to send the invites and nosh all the goodies yourself.)

If you like to bake your own cakes then the oven gloves would come in handy, and a tea tray is always handy, don't you find? (We like a tea tray in the sky.)

Lastly, we're rather taken with these salt and pepper shakers. (We seem to keep encountering salt and pepper shakers - at some point we may do a review of the archive...)

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