Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Artful Goods

Salt and pepper shakers. They're everywhere. We mentioned them yesterday, and we've just found some more. (We like to think of them as conduits - being a portmanteau of condiment and cruet.)

Shake Me is a brilliant Alice themed conduit from the American store Artful Goods, where we've done a little browsing...

And the Checkmates salt and pepper shaker would make an ideal partnership with the King and Queen Salt and Pepper Mills we mentioned previously.

From the same shop, we like the Kitty Cats mobile, which makes us think of Kitty, Snowdrop and Dinah playing with a ball of wool.

The Zuny Sheep Nell bookend/doorstop reminds us of the sheep in Wool and Water.

And bring out your inner Queen of Hearts with the Heart Knife Block. (Terrifying!)

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