Monday, 13 December 2010

Putting The Cart Before The Horse

Today we've been marvelling at the beautiful hand made art dolls from Cart Before The Horse, a husband and wife team from Portland, Oregon. They have a wonderful selection of Alice and Alicesque characters, and much more besides. If you like their work, do visit their website or his or her blog. They also have a shop on Etsy.

The Alice in Wonderland Set comes with all the characters you see here.

The Pink Flamingo and the Cheshire Cat are also available separately.

We adore Alice and Cheshire Cat - that cat definitely looks like it's plotting something.

There's even an Alice Necklace. Art dolls you can wear? We approve!

We love the little buttons on the hat of Amanita Mushroom.

 Felice the fawn is very pretty (and presumably has no problems remembering her name.)

 We assume that the pigeon, Birdie, will protect your home from serpents.

 Presumably, Elebee is influenced by the nectar collecting elephants Alice sees in Through the Looking Glass.


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