Sunday, 12 December 2010

Stuck Up

We at Wonderland House really appreciate a good decal or wall sticker. They can add depth and detail to a room without actually taking up any space - genius! We found an excellent selection at Bouf, but sadly we are unable to link to individual items, so if you see any that you'd like you will have to search for them.

 Create your very own tulgey wood with the Winter Trees Wall Sticker.

 We love the idea of a decal headboard, and the Hommu CLASSIC Headboard is delightfully wonky.

 The cat wall stickers have a lot of personality (catality?) and there are several to choose from.

Give your home extra (two-dimensional) glamour with a chandelier wall sticker.

 The Raven Bird Wall or Window Decal really ought to perch above your writing desk, we think.

 And get your very own Mary Ann with this Banksy 'inspired' maid wall sticker.

 Castle by Klaus Hapaaniemi puts us in mind of the moment when Alice tries to gain entry to her coronation dinner in Through the Looking Glass. 

 The Dandelion Wall Sticker is wonderfully whimsical and creates a delightful distortion of scale.

 Please don't mock the Turtle Chalkboard Sticker (we're afraid it might weep.)


  1. Isn't it grand! (Imagine the size of the flies!)
    Thanks for your comment and coming to visit :)