Friday, 10 December 2010

The Footmen

The Fish-Footman began by producing from under his arm a great letter, nearly as large as himself, and this he handed over to the other, saying, in a solemn tone, `For the Duchess.  An invitation from the Queen to play croquet.'  The Frog-Footman repeated, in the same solemn tone, only changing the order of the words a little, `From the Queen.  An invitation for the Duchess to play croquet.' 

Then they both bowed low, and their curls got entangled together.

Barristers in Britain still wear the same style wigs as worn by the footmen of the past, so they are still available for purchase. We're not sure if you'd actually want to wear one, but we've put together a footman inspired outfit post so thought it best to include one.

Military Dress by Wal G** in beige or purple

By the way, if you'd like to have a boot scraper, such as Tenniel portrayed in this illustration... can get one here.

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