Thursday, 2 December 2010

December Already?

The festive season is well and truly upon us and we at Wonderland House haven't even begun our Christmas shopping. We have however done plenty of browsing and are looking forward to an Alice themed Yuletide.

We would love to trim our crimble tree with this handmade Cheshire Cat ornament. It makes us grin.

And we think this Alice in Wonderland ornament is equally brilliant. It is filled with shreds of text and illustrations from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

You may have heard of Alice's Shop - the shop which the real Alice used to visit which served as a model for the shop in Wool and Water in Through the Looking Glass. Well, that shop is still there, in Oxford, and it now sells Alice memorabilia, of which these Christmas tree hangers are an example.

We're a bit besotted with what Past Times describes as 'Victorian Cat Christmas Baubles', available in sets of six or eight.

And, as you might imagine, we're very taken with the Crochet Mushroom Ornaments.

Bottle Green Homes sell these original Vintage Key Christmas Decorations in small and medium.

Or visit Etsy for a Mad Hatter ornament either in copper or something more colourful.

For any festive games of croquet you may be playing, one of these hedgehog plushes would be fantastic (and a dozen would be even better!)

And behold! This incredible miniature Alice in Wonderland Christmas Tree. (Click pic to enlarge the amazingness.) It would be fantastic in a dollshouse, or as a decoration anywhere in your Wonderland home.

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