Monday, 6 December 2010

By Hookah Or By Crookah II

As a continuation of yesterday's post on hookahs and Orientalism, we thought we'd present you with some actual hookahs. Of course smoking can be fatal, so it would be irresponsible of us to encourage you to do it, but hubbly bubblies are so aesthetically pleasing, we think it'd be worth having one for ornamental purposes.

Pineapple looks very like the hookah depicted by Tenniel, and comes in a pleasing Alice blue.

And look! The Ace of Spades features the card suits. How Wonderlandish! Available in black, turquoise, and green.

 This fabulously ornate shisha is currently available on ebay, and reminds us of the gold tones Tenniel chose to use in the coloured illustration he made for the Nursery Alice.

And, not smoking paraphernalia, but while we're admiring objects from the East, we can't resist sharing this beautiful tea set from moroccanbazaar.

Aaaaah, tea


After posting we stumbled on this teapot floor lamp, also at moroccanbazaar, and felt unable not to include it. Standing at nearly one and a half metres, it's outsized, tea related and we WANT it in our Wonderland home.


  1. Oh, you're so right, you do have some great tea goodies on here! I'm so glad you visited my blog!