Monday, 15 November 2010

The Oxford Tea Party

How could we possibly resist a vintage/antique shop called The Oxford Tea Party? A shop that has a dedicated Tea Party Essentials section? Well, we can't of course! And (oh my goodness) it turns out that they're having a 20% off sale this week.

Seriously tempted by this late Victorian chamber pot. We like it because it resembles a giant teacup, and it would make an excellent planter (maybe we could grow our own dock leaves in the bathroom...)

This vintage peppercorn tin would be ideal for our Pig and Pepper kitchen (for obvious reasons.)

And this Victorian Black Cat Figure is very like Alice's cat Kitty, playing with the ball of worsted, don't you think?

They also have oh so many wonderful tea things, perfect for a mix and match tea party.


If you want pieces authentic to the era when the Alice books were written, there is a variety of Victorian goods available (just pop the word 'Victorian' into the search box.)

 We like these pink and green wine glasses (which might come in useful should any deranged milliners offer us a glass of wine.)

And to serve our Wonderland Soup, a genuine Victorian Tureen is going to prove essential.

We could happily spend quite a bit of time (and money) at The Oxford Tea Party, and we've only just scratched the surface - when we have more time we'll probably have a good old poke around in their vintage and retro items. Why don't you?

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  1. I have placed an order with The Oxford Tea Party for a teacup trio and it is now over two weeks late. I have emailed and phoned both of their telephone numbers and have had no response. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.