Sunday, 7 November 2010

Furniture Fit For A King (Of Hearts)

While browsing for furniture for Wonderland House, we were thrilled to discover the work of Judson Beaumont and his company, Straight Line Designs. Committed to quality and craftsmanship, Straight Line Designs manufactures a huge array of imaginative and witty furniture, a great quantity of which would be more than at home in Wonderland.

We are completely enamoured with these miniatures of Cracked Cabinet and Cindy and NEED to have both the tiny and full sized versions in our home.

 The full size versions

The White Rabbit would love Carrot, dontcha think? 

Raymond (We suppose that everybody loves this one!) 

Daddy Long Legs reminds us of Salvador Dali's spindly legged elephants and other animals which feature in some of his paintings.

 The Temptation of St Anthony - Salvador Dali

Dali seems an appropriate reference for Alice inspired items as, in 1969, he illustrated an edition of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. You can see a selection of his illustrations below. (Click to enlarge)

1) The Pool of Tears 2) A Mad Tea Party
3) The Rabbit Sends in a Little Bill 4) The Queen's Croquet Ground 

The Persistence of Memory - Salvador Dali 

The melted clock is another motif which appears in Dali's work. You can see one in his picture of the mad tea party. With its surreal nature and connection with the various references to time and watches in the book, we believe that a clock like this would be an ideal addition to our decor. Luckily, fully functioning Daliesque clocks are available from The Original Gift Company.

There are also many similar items available from Pragmatic Effects on Etsy.

Meanwhile, back at Straight Line Designs, we are quite taken with this piece. It isn't especially Wonderlandish, but we admire its cheek.

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