Saturday, 20 November 2010

Original Things II

Yet more goodies from All Things Original.

We like Dream by Cassia Beck. It's romantic and nostalgic without being twee or overly sweet.

And of course we love anything featuring flamingoes!

Vintage and upcycled, hand embroidered with flamingoes and red roses, this suitcase ticks an awful lot of desirable boxes.

For evening affairs (and general dressing up) the Electric Blue Ambrosia Bag is just the thing Alice would carry to compliment her bright blue dress. And it is large enough to accommodate either the Sea and Sunshine or Blue Summer Floral purse, both of which would add instant Alice charm to any handbag.

Lacking the essential corkscrew and lizard elements to qualify as a Tove, we still covet this dear little felt Badger brooch.

The Garden Party ring seems to capture an essence of Wonderland, while the English Rose earrings have a subtle Queen of Hearts feel to them. And the Mad March Hare and Pink Dodo earrings are fabulously Alicesque.

Click to enlarge this fantastic print by Ros Shiers. Entitled 'Alice' it definitely qualifies as an object of desire.

This Vintage Lace necklace and Ribbon Loop necklace remind us of the White Rabbit's ruff and Alice's hair-band, and both have a simple Wonderlandish charm.

Reminiscent of events in The Walrus and the Carpenter, We Are Here is available both as a print and as a postcard.

With so many lovely things, it seems that All Things Original could just as easily be called All Things Delightful/Cute/Charming/Quirky/Sweet/Pretty...and so on.


  1. Her royal majesty expresses a strong approval in the selection of flamingos. :)